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TEDx Bern 2016: Demystifying Three Climate Lies

IPCC 5th Assessment Report: (all material available at

Lecture Notes:

  • Stocker, T., 2016, Introduction to Climate Modelling, Spring Semester 2016, University of Bern. 174 pp. (14 MB)

Articles in Reviewed Journals:

  • Kilic, C., C.C. Raible, T.F. Stocker, E. Kirk, 2017, Impact of variations of gravitational acceleration on the general circulation of the planetary atmosphere. Planetary and Space Science 135, 1-16. (2.3 MB).

  • Rempfer, J., T.F. Stocker, F. Joos, J. Lippold, S. Jaccard, 2017, New insights into marine cycling of 231Pa and 230Th in the Atlantic Ocean. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 468, 27-37. (1.2 MB).

  • Keller, K.M., S. Lienert, A. Bozbiyik, T.F. Stocker, O.V. Churakova, D.C. Frank, S. Klesse, C.D. Koven, M. Leuenberger, W.J. Riley, M. Saurer, R. Siegwolf, R.B. Weigt, F. Joos, 2017, 20th century changes in carbon isotopes and water-use efficiency: tree-ring based evaluation of the CLM4.5 and LPX-Bern models. Biogeosciences 14, 2641-2673. (13.4 MB)

  • Köhler, P., C. Nehrbass-Ahles, J. Schmitt, T.F. Stocker, H. Fischer, 2017, A 156 kyr smoothed history of the atmospheric greenhouse gases CO2, CH4, and N2O and their radiative forcing. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 9, 363-387. (9 MB)

  • Figueres, C., et al., 2017, Three years to safeguard climate. Nature 546, 593-595. (0.4 MB)

  • Schmidt, G.A., J. Severinghaus, A. Abe-Ouchi, R.B. Alley, W. Broecker, E. Brook, D. Etheridge, K. Kawamura, R.F. Keeling, M. Leinen, K. Marvel, T.F. Stocker, 2017, Overestimate of committed warming. Nature 546, 10.1038/nature22803. (1.6 MB)

  • Lehner, F., S. Coats, T.F. Stocker, A.G. Pendergrass, B.M. Sanderson, C.C. Raible, J.E. Smerdon, 2017, Projected drought risk in 1.5C and 2C warmer climates. Geophys. Res. Lett. 44, doi: 10.1002/2017GL074117. (3.5 MB), Supporting Information (8.2 MB)

  • Kilic, C., C.C. Raible, T.F. Stocker, 2017, Multiple climate states of habitable exoplanets: The role of obliquity and irradiance. Astrophysical Journal 844, 147. (2 MB)

  • Köhler, P., C. Nehrbass-Ahles, J. Schmitt, T. F. Stocker, H. Fischer, 2017, Comment on "Changes in atmospheric CO2 levels recorded by the isotopic signature of n-alkanes from plants" from K.S. Machado and S. Froehner. Global and Planetary Change 156, 24-25. (0.2 MB)

  • Pfister P.L, T.F. Stocker, 2017, State-dependence of the climate sensitivity in Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity. Geophys. Res. Lett. 44, doi: 10.1002/2017GL075457. (0.7 MB), Supporting Information (0.8 MB)

Articles Submitted to Reviewed Journals:

  • Pfister P.L, T.F. Stocker, 2017, Decomposing time-dependent heat uptake efficacy using regional feedbacks in an intermediate-complexity model. J. Climate (submitted).

Other Articles:

  • Stocker T., 2016, "Beim Klima wird eifrig geschwindelt", Leserbrief. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 17.2.2017 (0.4 MB)

  • Glogger B., 2017, Interview: "Die Klimaerwärmung ist keine Glaubensfrage, sondern ein Fakt". Der Landbote 24.2.2017, 11. (0.8 MB)

  • Henner, J., 2017, Interview: "Die Schweiz muss beim Klimaschutz mehr Ehrgeiz entwickeln". SVG Journal, 1/2017, 31-33. (2.7 MB)

  • von Bergen, S., 2017, Interview: "Dieser Entscheid ignoriert unsere ganze Forschung". Berner Zeitung, 3.6.2017, 12-13. (1.6 MB)

  • Hillig, J., 2017, Interview: "Die Hitzewelle ist nur der Anfang". Blick, 23.6.2017, 10. (0.8 MB)

  • Meyer, A., 2017, Interview: "Das ist die neue Normalität". Sonntags Blick, 25.6.2017, 8-9. (3.1 MB)

  • Kray, R., C. Koch, 2017, Interview: "Der Schwund ist unübersehbar". Stern, 17.8.2017, 8-9. (0.5 MB)

  • Kohler, B., 2017, Interview: "Wir müssen dem Patienten, dass er jetzt mit dem Rauchen aufhören muss". Jungfrauzeitung, 29.8.2017, 8-9. (3.2 MB)

  • Maurer, A., 2017, Interview: "China hat die Dringlichkeit erkannt". Schweiz am Wochenende, 16.9.2017, W8. (0.6 MB)

  • Swietlik, I., 2017, Interview: "Der Klimawandel entzieht uns Ressourcen". swiss info, 22.9.2017. (1.3 MB)

  • Swietlik, I., 2017, Interview: "Le changement climatique engendre une réduction des ressources". swiss info, 22.9.2017. (1.3 MB)

  • Stocker, T.F., 2017, Auf der Suche nach dem ältesten Eis. In: 1997-2017 20 Jahre Prof. Dr. Werner-Petersen-Stiftung, 78-81. (1.7 MB)

  • Stocker, T.F., 2017, Der Klimawandel: Berner Forschung, globale Politik, lokale Herausforderungen. In: Geschichte der GVB im Wandel der Zeit. (in press).


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